Phoenix, Arizona

Roll Down Shades

Roll Down Shades

Roll Down Shades

Retractable Shades or Roll Down Sun Screens are a great way to shade your patio or as an addition to your patio cover. Recapture your patio and enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons with a manual retractable shade.

We Can Install Beautiful Retractable Shade Screens (Roll Down Shade) to Provide Relief from the Harsh Arizona Sun

Retractable shades for patios block up to 90% of the Arizona heat and allow you to reclaim this outdoor living area. Enjoy your patio all year with a roll down shade and keep the hot Arizona sun from keeping you inside.

Retractable shades provide protection against sun damage and fading, keeps patio furniture cushions from rotting, and provides daytime privacy. With a roll down shade you will get excellent outward visibility and softened light from the sun. Recapture your patio and enjoy your outdoor space with a roll down shade.

Oasis Patio Cover has installed retractable shades all over the valley and you can entrust your shade to us. With our roll down shades, you get quality materials and installation including:

  • A detailed on-site measurement to ensure a custom fit
  • High-quality sunscreen material
  • A professional, and clean installation

Manual Crank Option

A heavy duty manual crank option provides a cable-guided system with a weight bar at the bottom. Heavy-duty stabilizing cables at each end of the bar guide the bar up and down and resists movement of the shade during light breezes. A hand held crank rod is used to move the shade up and down and can be configured to any point between fully extended and dully retracted.